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Belgium, France, Latvia, Russia: Speed Cameras Scorched, Swiped, Sprayed
Speed cameras attacks kick into high gear in France, sparking similar actions in Belgium, Latvia and Russia.

Pink speed camera in Quevert, France
Vigilantes in Jurmala, Latvia torched a speed camera on Tuesday. According to the state police, several tires placed around the base of the device were set on fire.

Vigilantes in Leningrad, Russia, grabbed a mobile speed camera from the side of the M-10 highway in the Tosno district last week Monday, Neva Today reported.

In Sambreville, Belgium, vigilantes set fire to the speed camera on the RN90 at Auvelais on Saturday. According to L'Avenir, the outside of the devices was charred while the camera equipment was not destroyed.

On Thursday, the speed camera on the RD775 in La Vraie-Croix, France, had its lenses painted pink, Ouest France reported. In Valenton, a 16-year-old appropriated a pallet truck from a nearby construction site and used it to ram a speed camera on Tuesday. According to Le Parisien, the device had been installed than 24 hours before being taken out of service. In Ceyssac, vigilantes on Friday used a Molotov cocktail to torch the speed camera on the RD590, La Commere 43 reported. On Tuesday, a quick blast of white spraypaint disabled the speed camera on the RD316 in Epinay-Champlatreux. According to Le Parisien, this is the second time in two months the device has been painted white. Around the same time, the speed camera on the RN10 in Montboissier had its lenses painted gray, L'Echo Republicain reported. In Quevert, vigilantes took the speed camera on the RN176 out of service by covering its lenses with pink spraypaint last week Monday, Ouest France reported. The speed camera in Kerdual was spraypainted blue last week Sunday, according to Le Telegramme. In Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the speed camera on the RN184 was spraypainted bright pink on June 30, Le Parisien reported.

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