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France, Germany: Speed Cameras Taken Out, Painted
Vigilantes took out several speed cameras in France and Germany last week.

French speed camera blue
In Longeault, France, vigilantes on Thursday torched the speed camera on the RD905. According to Le Bien Public, this is one of the area's most prolific automated ticketing machines, having mailed out 11,667 citations last year. In La Ville-aux-Bois-les-Pontavert, vigilantes covered the lens of the speed camera on the 1044 with blue spraypaint last week Sunday, L'Union reported. The slogan "long live the taxes!" was also painted on the side. The speed camera on the RD988 was spraypainted fluorescent orange with a phallus on the side last week Sunday. According to L'Union, the same camera had been painted silver on April 13 and red on May 1.

In Hochkirch, Germany, vigilantes tied a towing cable around the automated ticketing machine on the B6 and ripped it out of the ground with a Ford Transit van, Sachsische Zeitung reported. The device was the most profitable one in the area.

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