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France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, UK: Speed Cameras Destroyed
Across the world, speed cameras were spraypainted, set on fire and otherwise destroyed last week.

Hail, Saudi Arabia camera
A random fire scorched a speed camera in Nottingham, England on Tuesday. According to the Nottingham Post, the blaze started in a garden and soon spread to the automated ticketing machine at Fairfield Avenue in Beeston. On the same day, an intentional attack took place in Plymouth, the Plymouth Herald reported. There, vigilantes set fire to the Budshead Road speed camera at 11am.

In Ternois, France, the speed camera on the RD939 was spraypainted orange on Thursday, according to La Voix du Nord. Blue was the color of choice on the A16 in Calais, also on Thursday, La Voix du Nord reported. According to the Courrier Picard, blue was again used against the speed camera on the RD934.

In Norra Sunderbyn, Sweden, unknown vigilantes have been so effective in disabling the speed cameras that officials have given up on replacing them -- at least until May. According to Norway's TV2, various devices have been cut down and set on fire.

Vigilantes in Hail, Saudi Arabia used a container of gasoline to set fire to a speed camera on Thursday, SABQ reported. The camera had only been installed two weeks ago.

In Krasnoyarsk, Russia, a man rammed his UAZ Patriot SUV into a mobile speed camera last week Sunday, TVK-6 reported. The 43-year-old driver knocked the automated ticketing machine over deliberately before taking off. He was later caught and taken into custody for drunk driving.

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