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France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia: Spraypainted Cameras
Speed cameras around the world were tarred and feathered, spraypainted and burned last week.

Jizan, Saudi Arabia camera
In Empoli, Italy, vigilantes last week used spraypaint to disable a set of four speed cameras on regional road 429, Contro Radio reported.

In Planguenoual, France, the speed camera near the Saint-Alban roundabout was spraypainted pink, according to Ouest France. The speed camera on the RD590 in Ceyssac was destroyed by a pair of burning tires on Friday, Le Progres reported. This is the sixth attack in the past year. Bright orange paint was used to take out the speed camera in Estivareilles, according to La Montagne. Black was the spraypaint color of choice in Bourges, where the speed camera on Gambetta Boulevard was taken out of service last week, Le Berry Republicain reported. In Preixan, spraypaint took out the speed camera on the RD118, according to L'Independant. On Tuesday, the speed camera on the D609 in Beziers was destroyed by fire, Midi Libre reported.

In Saarbrucken, Germany, vigilantes tarred and feathered a speed camera on Tuesday, according to Le Republicain Lorrain.

Less than a day after new "saher" speed cameras were installed in Jizan, Saudi Arabia, vigilantes were able to disable them. Al Ufuq News reported that the devices were ripped from their base and knocked on their side on Friday.

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