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France, Italy, Saudi Arabi: Vigilantes Cover Speed Cameras
Speed cameras were covered in France and Saudi Arabia and kicked over in Italy last week.

Blanketed Saudi speed camera
Vigilantes around the world got more creative while disabling photo enforcement devices last week. In Villeneuve-sur-Lot, France on Thursday, a boar's head and carcass, was draped over the speed camera on the D911. According to La Depeche, a number of passing motorists stopped to photograph the unusual scene.

A simple white blanket, held in place with bricks, was used to cover the lens of a "Saher" speed camera in Aseer Province, Saudi Arabia near Jazan, Al Shbaka reported.

In Empoli, Italy, vigilantes resorted to the simplest method of disabling the orange "Velo OK" brand of speed camera on Saturday. According to Il Tirreno, they just kicked the device over. Currently, four of the area's twenty-six automated ticketing machines have been taken out of service with sledgehammers or spraypaint.

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