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France, Germany: Cameras Burned, Bashed
Speed cameras burn in France while a German speed camera fails to prevent the accident that results in its destruction.

Le Mottier speed camera
In Le Mottier, France, vigilantes used burning tires to eliminate the speed camera on the RD1085 on Thursday, according to Le Dauphine. At around the same time in Bedarieux, vigilantes torched the recently installed speed camera on the D909, Midi Libre reported.

In Dresden, Germany, a speed camera caused an accident on the Marienberger Strasse on Thursday. According to Bild, the driver of an Audi A3 panicked after a speed camera flashed while he was allegedly driving 43km/h (27 MPH) in a 30km/h (19 MPH) zone. He slammed on the brakes on a snow-covered road and crashed right into the speed camera.

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