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France, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Smeared, Spraypainted, Scorched
Vigilantes across Europe disabled speed cameras last week with paint and fire.

Val Roia speed camera
In Cerreto Guidi, Italy, vigilantes disabled a speed camera with yellow spraypaint last week, Il Tirreno reported. The device was one of five installed by the municipality in December. In Val Roia, vigilantes smeared a speed camera's lens last week Sunday. A local Facebook group celebrated the attack, saying "wonderful" and "well done."

A speed camera in Letchworth, England, was involved in a serious injury accident on Thursday, according to The Comet. The automated ticketing machine was destroyed when it failed to prevent a collision with a blue Nissan. The vehicle's driver was taken to the hospital.

In Naizin, France, vigilantes burned the speed camera on the D764 on Saturday, Le Telegramme reported. In Manosque, an artist on Thursday gave a speed camera a mischievous grin with orange spraypaint less than two days after the device had been installed, according to Haute Provence Info.

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