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UK, France, South Africa: Speed Cameras Mocked, Diabled
Vigilantes put speed cameras up for sale, burned them and disabled them with spraypaint in England, France and South Africa last week.

Red spraypaint on French speed camera
Vigilantes in Ongar, England set fire to the speed camera on High Street on Sunday. According to the Essex Chronicle, the device was not on the list of the thirty most profitable cameras in Essex.

In Pradines, France, vigilantes disabled the speed camera on the D8 by painting it red, La Depeche reported. In Toussieu, the speed camera on the RD 318 had its lenses covered with gray spraypaint less than 24 hours after it had been repaired. According to Le Progres, the same automated ticketing machine has been attacked eleven times since November 2015.

In Port Elizabeth, South Africa on Saturday someone put a speed camera up for sale on a local classifieds website. According to The Herald, Gumtree listed a "Grey box camera" for 42,750 Rand (US $3108) in its electronics section. Interested parties could "collect it on the side of Albany Road." Although the classifieds website pulled down the advertisement, word had already spread on social media.

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