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Maryland, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Decorated, Destroyed
Maryland speed camera involved in near-fatal collision while French and Italian cameras were burned and painted last week.

Toppled Italian speed camera
In Bourlens, France, vigilantes earlier today set fire to the speed camera on the RD102, Sud Ouest reported. Police have no idea who might be responsible. According to Le Progres, more artistic vigilantes in Saint-Chamond covered the speed camera on the RN88 with the blue, white and red colors of the French flag last week Monday. In Gaillardbois-Cressenville, vigilantes torched the speed camera on the RD6014 last week Sunday, L'Impartial-andelys reported.

In Upper Marlboro, Maryland, a speed camera was involved in a serious injury accident last week Monday. According to the Prince George's County Fire Department, a car collided with the automated ticketing machine at 1177 Largo Road, and the driver was transported to a trauma center with "life threatening" injuries.

In Cavagnolo, Italy, vigilantes last week Tuesday uprooted the speed camera on the Statale 590 and tossed it in a nearby field, Torin Oggi reported. In Castelfranco Veneto, signs were hung on a non-functional speed camera last week Saturday alerting motorists that the device would not be issuing a ticket, according to Treviso Today.

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