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France, Germany, Sweden, UK: Speed Cameras Torched, Painted, Mocked
Speed cameras across Europe are treated with disrespect last week.

Ape mask from Sweden
In Garlan, France, vigilantes torched the speed camera on Saturday, Le Telegramme reported. In Bagnols, the speed camera near the entrance to town was spraypainted black last week, Midi Libre reported. The same device had been disabled last month and the letters GAGGCOT are still visible on the device. On Thursday, black spraypaint was also used to take out the speed camera on the D6 in Arcy-sainte-Restitue, according to L'Union.

Vigilantes in Bedworth, England torched the speed camera on Nuneaton Road last week Monday, according to the Nuneaton News. On Friday, the speed camera on the A40 in Beaconsfield was set alight, the Bucks Free Press reported. In Wales, the speed camera on the A470 North Road in Cardiff failed to prevent an accident Tuesday. As ITV News reported, a car collided with the automated ticketing machine and the road had to be shut down for several hours while the mess was cleaned up.

In Ludvika, Sweden, a motorist mocked the local officials by blasting past the automated ticketing machine while wearing an ape mask at least eight times. NVT Nyheter reports that police have identified the owner of the vehicle, but under the law they may not issue an automated ticket without proving he was behind the wheel.

In Lauterbach, Germany, vigilantes disabled the speed camera on Landesstrasse 3129 around noon on Thursday. According to local police, the automated ticketing machine was smashed with damages estimated at 3800 euros (US $4000).

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