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France: Speed Cameras Torched, Blinded
Fire and spraypaint took several speed cameras out of commission in France last week.

Spraypainted white
On Saturday, vigilantes disabled the speed camera in Cluny, France by covering its lenses with white spraypaint, according to Le Journal de Saone-et-Loire. In Mouaze, vigilantes used a burning tire to destroy the speed camera on the RD175 last week Monday, 20 Minutes reported. At around the same time, the mobile speed camera on the RD61 between Lunel and Grande-Motte burned to the ground. According to Metropolitain, police have no idea who might be responsible. At around 8:30pm on the same day, vigilantes burned the speed camera on the D1029 near Origny Sainte Benoite, Aisne Nouvelle reported.

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