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France, Italy Fights Against Speed Cameras Explodes
Spraypaint took out a French speed camera last week while vigilantes in Italy take more extreme measures.

Speed camera shot in Italy
The push back against speed cameras in Italy took a violent turn last week as a man single handedly took on four municipal police officers who were guarding a mobile speed camera in Turin. According to Blasting News, a Fiat Multipla zipped past a speed trap at Corso Luigi Settembrini at around 3:30pm last Monday. The driver, a 49-year-old man, then pulled a U-turn and rammed the camera, injuring the four municipal employees in the process. He was later arrested and charged with assault. In Tombolo, vigilantes grabbed a speed camera in the dark of night on Thursday, Corriere del Veneto reported. The device had been issuing tickets on the Via Mantegna. On Friday, vigilantes blasted the speed camera on the Via Villa in Tezze with a shotgun, according to Il Giornale di Vicenza. In Porto Viro, the speed camera on the Via Dosso was blown to pieces on Tuesday, Leggo reported. At the time, the camera housing was empty.

In Roulans, France, vigilantes disabled the mobile speed camera on the D683 using black spraypaint last Monday. According to Est Republicain, the initials ACAB were also painted on the side of the device.

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