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Italy, Germany, UK: Speed Cameras Bumped, Burned
Speed cameras are knocked over and set on fire in Germany, Italy and England.

Toppled Italian speed camera
In Schwerte, Germany, a mobile speed camera failed to prevent the accident that wiped out the automated ticketing device on Thurdsay. Nordrhein-Westfalen Polizei report that a car knocked over the device and sent it flying seven yards while a local transportation department staffer stood by, watching. Damage is estimated at 75,000 euros (US $83,000).

Vigilantes set fire to a speed camera in Honley, England on Thursday, the Huddersfield Daily Examiner reported. The device located on Woodhead Road suffered internal damage from the attack.

Vigilantes in San Pierino, Italy damaged the speed camera on the Via Samminiatese on Sunday by throwing gasoline on it and setting it on fire, the ANSA news service reported. In Ferrara, the speed camera on the Via Prinella was uprooted and knocked over, according to Estense.

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