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Arizona, France, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Under Attack
Vigilantes swiped, scorched and spraypainted speed cameras throughout the world last week.

Fey-de-Bretagne speed camera
In Phoenix, Arizona, a man swiped a photo radar van on June 2. The automated device had been issuing tickets on Indian School Road when a man smashed the van's window and drove away with the unattended ticketing vehicle. Police have charged Pedro Rodriguez Flores Jr, 39, with the theft.

In Saudi Arabia, a vigilante was filmed kicking a "Saher" mobile speed camera unit last week, knocking it to the ground. View the video on Youtube.

In Fey-de-Bretagne, France, vigilantes on Sunday burned the speed camera on the RN171. The device had previously been spraypainted pink, Ouest-France reported. On Wednesday, the speed camera on the RD933 in Labastide-Castel-Amouroux was had its lenses covered in white paint, according to Sud Ouest.

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