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France, Italy, New Zealand: Speed Cameras Torched, Shot
Vigilantes wrap up 2015 by spraypainting, setting fire to and shooting speed cameras.

Burned camera in Italy
Vigilantes in Wainuiomata, New Zealand shot a speed camera on Christmas Eve. According to TV NZ, police have no idea who attacked the device on Wainuiomata Road, so surveillance cameras have been installed to watch the automated ticketing camera.

In Lendinara, Italy, vigilantes completely destroyed a speed camera. Il Gazzettino Rovigo reports the device on the Via Valli burned to the ground before firefighters arrived to extinguish the blaze. In Ferentino, vigilantes disabled a pair of speed cameras on the highway before local officials had a chance to activate them. According to Ciociaria Editorile Oggi, police have no clue who damaged the equipment inside the speed camera boxes. In Torrechiara, vigilantes knocked over a speed camera on Saturday, Parma Today reported.

Vigilantes in Jouy-en-Josas, France disabled a speed camera last week Monday, Le Parisien reported. The camera had been issuing tickets on the D446 Rue de la Liberation when it was covered in orange spraypaint. In Goven, vigilantes on Thursday set fire to the speed camera on the D44, according to Ouest France.

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