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France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cams Crash, Burn
Fire, spraypaint, crashes and comedy are used to defeat speed cameras in Europe.

Crashed photo radar van
A reckless photo radar van plowed through a fence and hedges, nearly striking a building in Olching, Germany, after its 26-year-old driver took "evasive action." According to, the crash on Roggensteiner Strasse caused 20,000 euros (US $21,600) in damages.

In Cervia, Italy, vigilantes set fire to a speed camera on Wednesday, Il Resto del Carlino reported. In Cervarese Santa Croce, vigilantes knocked over a speed camera on Saturday. According to Il Mattino di Padova, the automated ticketing machine had recently been installed on the Via Roma.

French comedian Remi Gaillard annoyed local police in a Christmas-themed video posted Thursday (view video). As part of his routine, he covered a speed camera with a giant gift box until officers arrived and removed it so ticketing could resume. In Bellicourt, vigilantes on Friday used yellow spraypaint to cover the lenses of the speed camera on the RD1044, Courrier Picard reported. In Cisse, vigilantes used red spraypaint to disable the speed camera on the RN149, according to La Nouvelle Republique. In Rouvrois-sur-Othain, vigilantes set fire to the speed camera on the RD 618, Est Republicain reported.

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