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Iowa, Australia, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Torched, Trashed
Photo radar van burns in Iowa, speed cameras rammed in Australia and Italy, and spraypainted in France.

Fort Dodge camera van
In Fort Dodge, Iowa a vigilante torched the Ford Escape photo radar van belonging to the UK vendor Redspeed. According to KCCI-TV, $40,000 in equipment was completely destroyed.

A 31-year-old man rammed a speed camera in Western Australia on Wednesday morning. The automated ticketing machine in Coolbellup was snapped in half, causing $100,000 in damages. The driver faces criminal damage charges on December 18, WA Today reports.

In Cavernago, Italy, a bright orange "Velo OK" speed camera unit was knocked over on state highway 498, according to the Bergamo News. In Ferrara, vigilantes took out the speed camera on the Via Comacchio a day after it was installed, Estense reported. The automated ticketing machine was ripped out of the ground and left lying on a sidewalk.

Just a few days after wrapping the speed camera on the D13 in Yvelines, vigilantes were back on Friday. According to Le Parisien, spraypaint was used to cover the camera lenses.

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