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France, Germany, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Trashed
Across Europe, vigilantes use paint, explosives and fire to prevent speed cameras from issuing tickets.

Blown up speed camera
Vigilantes torched a speed camera in Slough, England on Wednesday, according to the Slough and South Bucks Express. The automated ticketing machine on Stoke Poges Lane burst into flames some time after midnight. Police have no idea who might be responsible.

In Torreglia, Italy, a vigilante scratched the lens of the speed camera on the Via Montegrotto to prevent it from issuing tickets, Il Mattino di Padova reported. In Mirano, vigilantes disabled a trio of speed cameras just hours after they were installed. According to Venezia Today, white paint was smeared over the lenses of the devices on the Via Bollati, Via Accoppe Fratte and the Via Luneo.

In Sainte-Sigolene, France, vigilantes painted the speed camera on the RD44 with black spraypaint, Le Progres reported.

Vigilantes blew up a speed camera in Witten, Germany last week Saturday. According to Der Westen, officials quickly replaced the automated ticketing machine so that more citations could be issued.

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