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Canada, France, UK: Speed Cameras Burned, Bashed
Vigilantes use a spraypaint, sledgehammers and fire to disable speed cameras in Canada, France and Scotland.

Smashed speed camera
Vigilantes torched a speed camera in Aberdeenshire, Scotland after midnight on Thursday. The device on the A90 was destroyed in the blaze, according to the Aberdeen Press and Journal.

In Regina, Canada, vigilantes spraypainted a pair of speed cameras on May 9. According to CJME radio, the automated ticketing machine on Broad Street was labeled "City of B.S." and device on Argyle Street was covered with black paint. Regina Police Sergeant Colin Glas was surprised how rare the camera attacks have been.

"Honestly I thought there would be more," he told CJME.

In Haute-Loire, France, vigilantes disabled a pair of speed cameras with red spraypaint on Wednesday. Le Progres reports that the automated ticketing machines were located on the RN102 in Salzuit. In Saint-Avertin, vigilantes destroyed a speed camera with a sledgehammer. According to La Nouvelle Republique, the automated ticketing machine on the RD976 was completely destroyed.

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