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France, Latvia, UK Speed Cameras Disabled
Speed cameras in Europe are spraypainted, smashed and wrapped in cellophane.

Cellophane speed camera
Vigilantes disabled a speed camera in La Batie-Divisin, France last week Saturday. According to Le Dauphine, the automated ticketing machine on the RD1075 was wrapped in cellophane, rendering it inoperable.

In Riga, Latvia, Guntis Sarva and brother Janis Sarva were arraigned for attacking a mobile photo radar deployment on the Riga-Jelgava highway earlier this month. TVNet reported that the brothers pulled over and had an argument with the driver of a speed camera car that ended up wrecking the automated ticketing machine. The next hearing in the case is set for May 14.

Vigilantes in Nuneaton, England spraypainted a speed camera blue early Wednesday morning, according to Nuneaton News. The device on Tuttle Hill had the phrase "took out" painted on its mounting pole, letting drivers know the machine could was no longer capable of mailing citations.

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