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France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Attacked
Throughout Europe and the Middle East, speed cameras are destroyed and disabled.

Merignac, France speed camera
In Rovigo, Italy, vigilantes found a creative way to stop the speed camera on the Strada Statale Romea. Il Resto del Carlino reports that a three-foot wooden rod was used to hold the photograph of a topless woman in front of the camera lens. When cars passed last week Saturday, the device took a photograph of the photograph.

Vigilantes in Amelungsborn, Germany smashed a traffic camera on Wednesday. According to Stader Tageblatt, a hammer or similar tool was used to break the glass lens of the device.

Vigilantes burned a speed camera in Mergnac, France early this morning. According to Sud Ouest, the automated ticketing machine on Marcel Dassault Avenue was completely destroyed. On Wednesday, a speed camera in Lafox was spraypainted black. Sud Ouest reported that the same device on the RD813 was attacked on December 7. In Chateauneuf-d'Ille-et-Vilaine on December 31, vigilantes used a burning tire to set fire to a speed camera. According to Ouest France, the device suffered only minor damage. All together, the number of speed operational cameras dropped sharply in 2013, according to a report by the Minstry of the Interior. In February, the 95 percent of speed cameras were operational, but by June 2013 the figure plunged to 80 percent. Speed cameras generated 647 million euros (US $886 million) in profit in France.

Vigilantes shot a speed camera in Saudi Arabia on Monday. According to Al Watan, the device was issuing tickets on the Prince Fahd bin Sultan road in Tabuk Province.

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