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Australia, Germany, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Damaged, Destroyed
Throughout Europe and Australia, speed cameras are burned, cut, rammed and swiped.

Crespina Italy speed camera
Vigilantes in Manchester, England set fire to a speed camera this week. The automated ticketing machine on Pine Road in Tameside was completely destroyed with burning tires. Earlier this month, another camera had been destroyed on Huddersfield Road, the Manchester Evening News reported. In Portsmouth, officials announced they had just replaced the speed camera that had been destroyed on the A3 on December 30, according to the Portsmouth News.

In Morbihan, France, three speed cameras were destroyed within the past few days, France 3 reported. On Thursday, a camera in Moustoir on the RD767 and one in Plouay on the RD769 were set on fire. A third camera burned last weekend. Since September, one-third of the cameras in the region have been attacked and 33 have been completely destroyed. In Ardeche, officials were forced to remove a brand new average speed camera after vigilantes removed the camera pole and cut the cables to the device in Saint-Jean-le-Centenier, according to Le Dauphine.

In Crespina, Italy, vigilantes knocked over a speed camera sign, defaced the camera lens, pried open the camera box and set the inside of the device on fire. According to Pisa Today, about 7000 euros (US $9500) in damage was done. In Imola, a speed camera on the Viale Amendola failed to prevent a crash at 6pm Wednesday. Romagna Noi reported that a Toyota Corolla rammed the automated ticketing machine. The Toyota continued forward and hit a police car at the intersection.

In Paderborn, Germany, a vigilante swiped a speed camera from the B64 on Wednesday, Mindener Tageblatt reported. Police have no idea who might be responsible.

In Balhannah, South Australia, a 49-year-old man yelled at the driver of a speed camera van and allegedly made a motion like he was going to punch her on January 9. According to The Perth Advertiser, the man was charged with aggravated assault and will appear before a judge on March 12.

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