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Australia, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Swiped, Scorched, Sprayed
Vigilantes use many techniques to disable speed cameras in Italy, France and Australia.

French speed camera spraypainted white
In Sant'Angelo di Piove, Italy, vigilantes set fire to a speed camera at 2am last week Sunday. According to Il Mattino di Padova, a tire placed around the base of the camera was used to fuel the blaze.

Vigilantes in South Australia grabbed a Redflex speed camera last week Saturday at 9pm right out from under the "operator" of the device. The mobile camera had been set up to trap vehicle owners on Main North Road in Elizabeth Downs, according to

In Orne, France, vigilantes spraypainted a speed camera pink on Thursday. Tendance Ouest reported that the camera had been issuing tickets in Saint-Martin-d'Ecublei on the RD930. This was the fourth camera attacked in the area this month. On November 21, vigilantes chose white spraypaint for two speed cameras near Grisolles on the RD49 and on the RD958 in Lavilledieu-du-Temple, according to La Depeche.

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