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Maryland, France, Saudi Arabia, UK: Speed Cameras Attacked
Speed cameras are torched and spraypainted in the US, Europe and Middle East.

Saudi Arabia speed camera attacked
In Smithsburg, Maryland, vigilantes set fire to a portable speed camera at 11:30pm on October 5. According to the Hagerstown Herald-Mail, a burning tire was used to scorch the automated ticketing machine owned by Optotraffic positioned at 66 North Main Street.

A speed camera in Hazlemere, England was destroyed by fire last week Sunday at 11pm. According to the Bucks Free Press, two gasoline-filled tires were used on the automated ticketing machine on Holmer Green Road. Vigilantes set a speed camera on fire in Kidderminster at 5:40am on September 29. According to the Kidderminster Shuttle, a burning tire was used to set the A449 Wolverhampton Road device on fire.

According to Al Watan, there have been 22 attacks on fixed and mobile speed camera units in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

In Cametours, France, vigilantes used blue spraypaint to disable a speed camera last week. The device had been located on the road between Tendance Ouest reported.

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