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Maryland: Speed Camera Set On Fire, Spraypainted, Sabotaged
Six speed cameras in Maryland are sabotaged while one in Italy is damaged.

Italian speed camera
Vigilantes in Howard County, Maryland burned a portable speed camera at 5am on Saturday. The automated ticketing machine was operating on Burntwoods Road in Glenelg. According to the Baltimore Sun, the private speed camera vendor will pay for replacing the device.

In Salisbury, five speed cameras had their lenses covered with red spraypaint. Local police announced that the Revolutionary War dates of "1776" and "1774" were also sprayed on the cameras on US 50, Davis Street, East College Avenue and East Main.

In Vicenza, Italy, vigilantes attempted to cut down a speed camera last week Sunday. According to Il Gazzettino, they failed to saw through the metal arm supporting the camera head in San Nazario.

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