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Missouri, Florida, Australia, Italy: Traffic Cameras Under Attack
Red light camera in Missouri crashes into car, falls over in Florida. Speed cameras attacked in Italy and Australia.

A red light camera crashed into a car in St. Louis, Missouri at 8:30am on Wednesday morning. According to the Post-Dispatch newspaper, the camera pole struck a vehicle at the intersection of Hampton Avenue and Wilson Avenue after an SUV and its drunk driver crashed into it.

The same thing happened in Palm Coast, Florida on Thursday at around 3:35pm. A red light camera at the corner of Moody Boulevard and Memorial Medical Parkway failed to prevent an accident with a white, late-model Kia Optima. According to the Flager County Sheriff's office, the Kia hit the automated ticketing machine pole, knocking it down completely before driving off.

In New South Wales, Australia a vigilante on a motorcycle threw a rock through the window of a mobile speed camera car last week Sunday at 1:30pm. The vehicle was stationed at The Wool Road at Worrowing Heights, according to police.

In Monforte, Italy a vigilante disabled two speed cameras on the road between Canelli and Nizza last week Sunday. According to AT News, police were able to use video of the incident to identify a suspect.

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