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Germany, UK: Speed Cameras Trashed, Burned
Speed cameras in Germany and the UK are cut down and set on fire.

In North Wales, vigilantes set fire to three speed cameras between Tuesday and Wednesday. News North Wales reported the first camera was burned in Pentre at 6:30am on Tuesday. Around midnight Wednesday, a tire was used to burn a camera on A5119 in Sychdyn, and half-an-hour later trash was used to fuel the blaze that destroyed the camera on Chester Road in Sandycroft.

Vigilantes in Northumbria, England decapitated a pair of speed cameras near the border with Scotland last month. The automated ticketing machines had been operating on the A68 until June 16 when they were found tossed into Catcleugh Reservoir. According to the Southern Reporter, six cameras on the A68 have been destroyed since October.

In Wiehl, Germany vigilantes set fire to a traffic camera at around 2:30am on Tuesday. Damage to the automated ticketing machine on the B256 was estimated at 5,000 euros (US $6500), Oberberg Aktuell reported.

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