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Italy, Poland, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Burn, Fall
Vigilantes take out speed cameras in Italy, Poland and Saudi Arabia. Officials fight back.

Burning Saudi speed camera
In Europe and the United States, speed camera attacks generally happen at night or in the early morning hours. This was not the case in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia when a group of vigilantes set fire to a "Saher" speed camera in broad daylight in the middle of a busy street with the event capture on video (view on YouTube). According to Bab, the Grand Mufti has condemned such attacks.

On Friday night in Angiari, Italy, vigilantes set fire to a "Velo ok" speed camera. The automated ticketing machine on the Via Lungo Busse suffered 1000 euros (US $1300) in damage, according to Verona Sera. In Carre, a speed camera on the Via San Lorenzo was set on fire at around 2:30am on Tuesday, Vicenza Today reported.

In Dolo, a speed camera was ripped out of the ground on Monday and tossed into a nearby ditch. The device had previously been issuing tickets on the bypass connecting Fiesso d'Artico to Pianiga, La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre reported. Outraged local officials threatened to arrest anyone cheering the attacks.

"We will report the names of those who write certain things on Facebook to the police because the 'instigation of damage to public property' is considered a crime," Maria Rosa Pavanello, the mayor of Mirano, told Il Gazzettino.

The same attitude could be seen in Jaslo, Poland where a judge sentenced two men into pay a 500 zloty fine (US $157) for the crime of opposing the use of speed cameras. According to Onet News the pair infuriated police by holding up a sign "Warning: Speed Camera" which cut significantly into the number of fines being issued. The judge delivered the sentence without holding a trial.

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