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France, Italy, UK: Vigilantes Take On Speed Cameras
Spraypaint, construction equipment, fire and chains take out speed cameras in France, Italy and Scotland.

Backhoe camera attack
In Wintzenheim, France vigilantes used heavy excavator machinery to rip apart a speed camera on the D417. According to L'Alsace, the massive piece of construction equipment was taken from a work site a few hundred yards away from the automated ticketing machine. The vigilantes left the excavator claw smashed into the camera. On Monday, a newly installed camera in Ostheim on the N83 was also pulled down with a rope or chain.

At 1:20am last Sunday, a speed camera in Vouharte was set on fire. Tires were placed around the automated ticketing machine on the D737 and ignited, Charente Libre reported.

In Rochefort, a speed camera was set on fire just before midnight on Monday on the D137. Sud Ouest reported a gasoline-soaked tire was placed on the back of the device and ignited, though the blaze was put out before it could do much damage. The camera remains disabled, however, since the vigilantes also covered the camera lenses with white spraypaint.

In East Lothian, Scotland a speed camera was set on fire early Wednesday, the East Lothian News reported. A burning tire was used to fuel the blaze on the A1 between Bankton and Gladsmuir.

In Piedimonte Matese, about 50 miles outside Naples, Italy, vigilantes took out a trio of newly installed speed cameras. According to Il Mattino, the orange "Velok" brand automated ticketing machines were knocked over on Thursday, four days after they were activated.

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