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Maryland, Australia, France, Russia, UK: Speed Cameras Attacked
Angle grinders, gasoline, crowbars, bourbon and a virus used to take out speed cameras across the world.

Beheaded French speed camera
Vigilantes in Baltimore County, Maryland pried open a speed camera housing last weekend. According to WBAL Radio, the camera unit was not in the housing on Cromwell Bridge Road, but the flash and some other electronics were damaged.

In Prince George's County, officials boasted to WTOP radio that a camera watching a speed camera has prevented vigilante attacks since September. Last year, a dozen cameras were attacked.

A speed camera was cut down in the village of Six-Fours-les-Plages, France last weekend. An angle grinder sawed off the device on the Avenue de la Mer, leaving nothing but a stump with electrical wiring poking out, Nice Matin reported.

Vigilantes in Norfolk, England set fire to a speed camera at around 3am on last Sunday morning. The Eastern Daily Press reported the device on the A148 in Fakenham was damaged but still able to issue tickets.

In Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, motorist Jackson Barnes, 19, threw a can of bourbon into the window of a Ford Territory speed camera van on Edward Street, the Daily Advertiser reported. Barnes was found guilty and ordered to pay a fine on Monday.

A computer virus has disabled speed cameras in Moscow, Russia, Izvestia reported. The infected took down the computer network earlier this month, and contractors are still trying to repair the system.

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