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Arizona, Germany, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Crashed Into, Blown Up, Decorated
Speed cameras in Arizona and throughout Europe come under attack in a number of creative ways.

Snowman speed camera
Opponents of automated enforcement like to point out that speed cameras do nothing to catch drunk drivers and other serious offenders. A 25-year-old man made this point on New Year's Day in Tuscon, Arizona by crashing into a photo radar van on North Campbell Avenue, as reported in the Arizona Daily Star.

Vigilantes in Corinaldo, Italy pulverized a speed camera last week Sunday. As Senigallia Notizie reported, pieces of the automated ticketing machine on the Via Madonna del Piano were scattered dozens of yards by the force of an explosion.

In Rottorf, Germany, vigilantes sometime between New Year's and Wednesday smashed the lens of a traffic camera and set off at least two explosive devices inside, according to Landeszeitung. The attack caused massive damage to the camera

Vigilantes used a speed camera to show their Christmas spirit in Lancashire, England. According to the Lancashire Evening Post, white cardboard boxes were used to convert the automated ticketing machine on Preston Road in Grimsargh into a snowman with the message "Merry Xmas" displayed on its back. Though villagers enjoyed what has become an annual tradition (last year the camera became a Christmas present), local officials were upset at the loss of ticketing revenue.

In Telford, vigilantes used a burning tire to damage a speed camera on Friday. According to the Shropshire Star, the device on Station Road in Ketley was burned some time after 12:30am. The fire was extinguished before internal components were destroyed.

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