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Australia, Belgium, UK: Speed Cameras Cut Down
Vigilantes in Australia and Europe decapitate traffic cameras.

Beglian speed camera downed
A speed camera in Surrey, Englad was destroyed at 2am on December 1. According to police, a man driving a Land Rover Defender rammed the automated ticketing machine on Epsom Road in Merrow then tied a rope around it and pulled it down. After that, he poured gasoline on the device and set it on fire, Guilford People reported.

Vigilantes in Lochristi, Belgium believe knocking over a speed camera is good enough. On the week of December 3, the automated ticketing machine on Beerveldse Baan (N449) was found lying on the ground. According to Nieuwsblad, there is no sign that this was an accident, and a bumper-height dent in the camera pole suggests a car or truck deliberately knocked it over.

Vigilantes in Cottesloe, West Australia made off with a red light camera Saturday. According to The West Australian newspaper, power tools were used to lop the automated ticketing machine from its pole at the intersection of Eric Street and Stirling Highway.

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