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Maryland, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Sprayed, Burned
Vigilantes take out speed cameras in Maryland, France and Italy.

Montgomery Village camera
In Montgomery Village, Maryland, vigilantes spraypainted a pair of speed cameras this weekend. The devices on Montgomery Village Avenue had their lenses blocked with blue paint (see photo).

Vigilantes in Cotes-d'Armor, France decorated a speed camera with festive pink spraypaint on November 22. The automated ticketing machine was located on the N12 toward Guingamp, Ouest-France reported.

In Saone-et-Loire, a total of 35 speed cameras have been attacked to date this year. Two of the automated ticketing machines were completely destroyed, Le Journal de Saone-et-Loire reported.

A businessman, 37, and a housewife, 34, set fire to a speed camera in Florence, Italy on November 4. The automated ticketing machine in Borgo Rinzelli was doused in gasoline, according to La Repubblica Firenze, surveillance camera footage was used to track the couple down. They had been visiting relatives in Mugello.

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