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England, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Scotland: Speed Cameras Defeated, Destroyed
Vigilantes use fire, explosives, saws and tape to take out speed cameras around the world.

Saudi license plate
Vigilantes in Scotland decapitated a pair of speed cameras last week. The automated ticketing machines were located on the A68 in Birkenside and were cut down with a saw, the Border Telegraph reported.

In Norfolk, England, a speed camera was set on fire around midnight on September 11. According to the Eastern Daily Press, the device on A1067 Falkenham Road in Taverham was set ablaze a second time on September 18. Police have no idea who might be responsible.

In Padua, Italy a small explosive device was used to blow up a speed camera on Friday night, according to Giornalettismo. The device had been issuing tickets at Citadella until the forward lens was broken and the explosive thrown inside the machine.

Motorists in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia are showing their lack of regard for heavy "Saher" photo enforcement by obscuring their license plates, according to Al Riyadh. Some have bent a portion of the plate or used tape to obscure the speed cameras' ability to identify the vehicle owner.

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