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Australia, France, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Thwarted
Vigilantes use a variety of tactics to stop speed cameras around the world from issuing citations.

French broken speed camera
In Marmagne, France a speed camera was ripped open on Saturday. According to Creusot Infos, the back panel of the automated ticketing machine on the RD680 was pulled off and the wiring cut, causing significant damage. On Friday, a nearby camera on the RN80 in Antully had its lenses smeared with a gray material, preventing the device from issuing tickets.

Vigilantes in Kent, England have been so successful at disabling speed cameras by placing stickers over the lenses of the automated ticketing machines that the Kent and Medway Speed Camera Partnership admits it cannot keep up with the pace of removing them, according to Cranbrook People. Beginning last month, the stickers were attached to the camera lenses on six cameras on the A2 in Faversham, Newington and Sittingbourne. Two-thirds of the devices in the area were unable to issue tickets.

A 31-year-old man is charged with assaulting a speed camera operator in Perth, Australia on Wednesday. The man confronted the operator in the Hamilton Hill area at 8:30am, hurling abuse and lunging at him according to Perth Now.

In Ciampino, Italy a 60-year-old man thwarted a speed camera trap on Tuesday by standing in the road on the Via Appia Nuova warning motorists to slow down, Roma Notizie reported. Carabinieri were dispatched to arrest the man who forced the photo ticket trap to shut down after an hour because not enough citations were being generated. Nearby in Rome, city officials have installed 43 speed cameras, and 19 of them have been burned, spraypainted or otherwise disabled, according to Leggo.

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