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California, France, UK: Ticket Cameras Grabbed, Knocked Over
Californians steal red light camera, French motorcyclists warn about photo radar, English vigilantes chop down Gatso.

French speed camera warning
Individuals in Cerritos, California learned that the red light camera units operated by American Traffic Solutions (ATS) contain an expensive Nikon camera that can be converted into quick cash. According to Patch, three of the cameras were taken from the intersection of South Street and Gridley Road between April 24 and May 16. The same thing happened in New York three years ago when the $4000 Nikon D2X cameras were grabbed out of the red light camera housing. As a used camera, the device is often sold for about $950 online.

In West Yorkshire, England a speed camera was cut down on Wednesday. The device was left propped up on a nearby wall, pointed toward the sky, on Valley Road in Shipley, The Bradford Telegraph and Argus reported.

A group of motorcyclists in France have been fighting back against automated ticketing machines. Using red spraypaint, FFMC has been marking the pavement with the letter "R" encased in a triangle with an indication that, for example, there is a speed camera 200 meters ahead. The group is furious that officials have been retaliating against FFMC members, including issuing parking tickets to one for being two inches over a line.

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