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Vigilantes Take On Cameras in Maryland, Australia, England, France, Italy
Cameras are burned, painted, shot and swiped in Maryland, Australia, England, France, Italy.

Burned out speed camera, France
A pair of speed cameras in Baltimore, Maryland were set on fire last week. The first mobile photo radar unit on Howard Street was hit Wednesday and the next was attacked Friday, WJZ-TV reported.

In Meuse, France, a photo radar unit was totally destroyed by fire on Monday. According to Est Republicain the insides of the camera on the Voie Sacree were completely melted by the intense blaze. On the same day, another speed camera in Bordes was also destroyed by fire, La Republique des Pyrenees reported. The device on the RD938 had previously been burned on December 22 before the cameras had even been activated.

Vigilantes swiped a speed camera from a parked police car in North Devon, England last year. The North Devon Journal newspaper learned this from a freedom of information request that forced Devon and Cornwall Police to reveal items that had been stolen from the force.

In Forli, Italy, the lens of the speed camera was spraypainted silver, rendering the device in Villa Rovere incapable of issuing tickets, Il Resto del Carlino reported.

Vigilantes in Western Australia shot several rounds into a Perth speed camera early Tuesday, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. The bullets shattered the camera lens but did not damage the inner workings of the device located on the Mitchell Freeway near the Karrinyup Road exit.

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