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France, Italy: Speed Cameras Sprayed, Shot, Smashed
Speed cameras in Italy and France are disabled in a number of ways.

Italian speed camera attacked
Vigilantes in Terni, Italy took out one of the most productive speed cameras in the region. Terni in rete reported the automated ticketing machine on via Alfonsine was smashed in the new year. Installed in November 5, the device helped the local government rack up a massive backlog of tickets.

In Lescure-d'Albigeois, France, vigilantes used yellow spraypaint to cover a pair of speed cameras on either side of the RN88 near Hermet. According to La Depeche, police have no idea who is responsible.

In Cerans-Foulletourte, a shotgun-wielding man blasted a speed camera twice on Wednesday at about 8:30pm, Ouest France reported. The attack disabled the automated ticketing machine located on the RD323 toward Le Mans.

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