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Germany, Italy, Latvia, Spain: Public Fights Against Speed Cameras
A tenth of Spanish speed cameras disabled. German motorist installs warning signs, Latvian kicks a camera and Italians dump them.

Damaged Spanish speed camera
Speed cameras found themselves under assault in a number of ways last week in Europe. In Spain, one out of every ten speed cameras is currently out of service, disabled by vigilantes, La Razon reported. The country has about 975 photo radar devices belonging to the central government with the rest operated by local authorities. About 150 of these must be repaired, mostly because of attacks.

On Christmas Day, vigilantes in Vigonza, Italy ripped a speed camera out of the ground and tossed it into a ditch. On Wednesday along the same road between Bosco and Codiverno, they cut another camera in half. The lens on a third camera was smashed, according to Il Mattino di Padova.

In Laufen, Germany, a man warned his fellow motorists on Tuesday by setting up a homemade sign that read "Blitzer 200M," letting them know the exact distance to a photo radar speed trap ahead. Laufen police were not amused and ripped down the sign located on Teisendorfer Street after it was noticed. Officials issued a statement wondering why anyone would want to put up such a warning.

In Daugavpils, Latvia, a man attempted to kick over a mobile speed camera tripod on the weekend before last, reported.

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