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Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK: Speed Camera Operator Killed, Devices Attacked
Speed camera van driver killed in Saudi Arabia. Vigilantes spraypaint and burn cameras in United Arab Emirates and the UK.

Saudi Arabia camera attacked
Al-Qahtani Muflih, president of the National Assembly for Human Rights, called for an end to the "Saher" speed camera system after the driver of a photo enforcement car was gunned down in Saudi Arabia, Al Shams reported. A man used a rifle to fire down from a bridge to a speed camera car that had just pulled to the side of the highway from Riyadh to Taif to begin issuing tickets. The photo radar van driver was shot and killed and the van itself caught fire.

In the United Arab Emirates, spraypaint was used to disable a speed camera on Friday in Ras Al Khaimah. The automated ticketing machine on Shaml Al Rams street was prevented from issuing citations, Emirates 24/7 reported. Officials announced they would install round-the-clock surveillance cameras to monitor the traffic cameras.

Vigilantes set fire to a speed camera in Cambridge, England on November 5 at 11:30pm. Cambridgeshire officials are upset at the loss of ticketing from the device on Histon Road in Arbury, the Cambridge News reported. The same device had been destroyed in an attack in 2004.

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