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Speed Cameras Attacked in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands
Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands see expanding and explosive attacks on speed cameras.

Foam attack
Vigilantes exploded the casing of a speed camera in Koenigsdorf, Germany on Wednesday using expanding builder's foam. Rhine-Erft District Police reported a passing patrol spotted a man intending to use expanding foam to destroy a speed camera in Aachen on Friday. Officials said they do not know who was responsible for the more recent incident. British motoring columnist and BBC Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has advocated the use of foam as the most effective and safest means of destroying a speed camera.

Last year, vigilantes put 44 speed cameras out of commission in Belgium. That represents a 238 percent increase over the number of incidents in 2009. Over the past five years, 49 speed cameras have been set on fire, 19 have been shot and 47 have been spraypainted, HLN reported.

Last week on Sunday a team of explosives removal experts were injured in an unsuccessful attempt to rescue a speed camera in Voorschoten, The Netherlands. A homemade explosive went off around 7:30am as a bomb disposal team went to investigate a report of an unusual device attached to the automated ticketing machine,

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