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Australia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UK: Vigilantes Attack Traffic Cameras
Cameras pelted, grabbed and burned throughout the world over the past two weeks.

Vigilantes in Siegen, Germany tied a chain to a traffic camera and used their truck to rip it out of the ground. The device had been issuing tickets on the B54 in Burbach. The vigilantes then drove off with the machine, according to Siegener Zeitung.

In Saudi Arabia, a man armed with a steel tool on Tuesday bashed a "Saher" mobile photo radar van on the highway between Medina and Al-Qassim Province. This was the third attack of its kind in the area, Arabian Business reported. Likewise, a rock was hurled through the back window of a photo radar van in Victoria, Australia at 1:15am on Monday, according to the Herald Sun.

On Monday at around 2am, vigilantes set fire to a speed camera in Grantham, England. Burning tires were used to fuel the blaze around the Gonerby Road automated ticketing machine. The same device had been repaired just two days earlier, the Grantham Journal reported. In Benhall, the speed camera on the A12 was set on fire after midnight on July 23. The announcement on the Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service Facebook page received 27 likes.

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