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Vigilantes Attack Speed Cameras in Australia, France, UK
Speed cameras are spraypainted, burned and smashed in Australia, France, England and Wales.

FYR tagged speed camera
In Toulouse, France, police have no idea who is spraypainting cameras with the initials "FYR" or what those letters might stand for. Officials also refused to release the numbers of cameras disabled by the FYR vigilantes, Agence France Presse reported. The FYR vigilantes sprayed the automated ticketing machine at Monteils last week.

Near Rouen, a speed camera on the RN31 toward Gournay was covered in red paint, Paris-Normandie reported. Last week Saturday, a speed camera in Chaumont-en-Vexin on the D923 was painted.

In mid and south Wales, thirteen speed cameras have been set on fire since 2006. Of the more interesting incidents, a camera in Hawarden was ripped out of the ground by a truck. Vigilantes cut into pieces the camera at Mynydd Isa. In North Wales, 32 cameras have been attacked since 2004. The automated ticketing machine on the A525 at Coedpoeth was the most attacked, having been spraypainted and burned six times, BBC News reported.

In Lincolnshire, England there are fifty speed cameras. So far, fifteen have been set on fire. Police have no idea who is responsible, according to Crimestoppers.

In Western Australia, two men grabbed a mobile speed camera from its operator in Welshpool Road East in Wattle Grove at around 8:30pm on Tuesday. The device was later found down the road, smashed, ABC News reported.

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