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Iowa, Maryland, Germany, UK: Vigilantes Attack Speed Cameras
Attacks on US speed cameras increase as vigilantes continue campaign in England and Germany.

German speed cam
Vigilantes in the United States are taking a cue from Europe and stepping up the campaign against speed cameras. In Frederick, Maryland an automated ticketing machine on McCain Drive was smashed at around 1am on June 11. The device is owned and operated by Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) which will absorb the cost of repair, the Frederick News-Post reported. Police have no idea who is responsible. In Baltimore County, the speed camera on the 7400 block of North Point Road was spraypainted. Another at the 9800 block of Greenside Drive had its lens cracked, Lutherville-Timonium Patch reported.

A speed camera in Des Moines, Iowa was destroyed on June 10 after it failed to prevent an accident. An 18 year-old driver apparently lost control once the camera came into view. He struck the Ford Explorer SUV belonging to the Dutch speed camera company Gatso and a tree. Police initially announced the incident on Facebook, but the post was censored after it began receiving more than 100 "likes."

"Sorry, I'm so, so sorry, but that is hilarious," resident Jon Rhodd commented on the page before it was deleted.

Police in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany announced an attack on a pair of speed cameras last Monday at 4am. The automated ticketing machine on Landstrasse 249 between Hausen and Blens was set on fire after the main camera device was ripped out of the housing. A second ticketing machine had its cover damaged. In late May, vigilantes had spraypainted the devices green. Earlier this month, vigilantes in Kamp-Lintfort burned the box of a speed camera, RP Online reported.

Vigilantes burned a speed camera in Telford, England around 4am on June 12. The automated ticketing machine was located on Station Road in Ketley, according to the Shropshire Star. The device was last attacked in April.

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