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Louisiana, Australia, France, Germany: Speed Cameras Disabled
Speed cameras around the world are spraypainted, bagged and bent.

In New Orleans, Louisiana earlier this month a team of three vigilantes covered a speed camera in garbage bags that prevented the devices from issuing tickets. They then proceeded to throw around flyers near the Chartres Street camera decrying the surveillance state. The incident was captured on a YouTube video.

In Queensland, Australia a fad known as "planking" allegedly caused $5000 in damage to a speed camera on the Toowoomba Range, according to The Chronicle. A man climbed up the camera pole and assumed a horizontal position on top of it (like a plank) while the stunt was filmed for YouTube.

Vigilantes in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany disabled a speed camera Monday night. The lens of the automated ticketing machine on the Autobahn 42 interchange was smashed, rendering it incapable of issuing tickets, RP Online reported.

In Villeneuve-sur-Lot, France, vigilantes covered a speed camera on the D661 with blue paint Wednesday, according to Sud Ouest. The color of choice in Sainte-Sigolene was orange on June 4 when a speed camera on the RD44 was disabled, Le Progres reported. Over the past two weeks, vigilantes have attacked at least sixteen cameras in response to the government's decision to ban GPS locators and speed camera warning signs.

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