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France, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Spraypainted
At least seven French speed cameras attacked in wake of government policy change. Saudi Arabia camera attack caught on video.

French camera painted
Vigilantes in France have have stepped up the number of attacks on speed cameras following the government's decision to take down warning signs and ban GPS devices that show the location of photo enforcement. In Haute-Loire on Monday, the base for a new speed camera installation on the RD906 was destroyed. Power and data cables at the location were also cut, Le Progres reported.

In the Valenciennes region over the past week speed cameras have been covered in blue paint. Two cameras on the A2, one on the A23 and one on the A1 were disabled, according to l'Observateur du Valenciennois.

On the RN31 on Friday, three of the cameras between Soissons and Reims were spraypainted orange. Another camera along the route was burned to the ground on May 15. Out of the 186 million euros (US $266 million) raised by the cameras, 16 million euros (US $23 million) is spent repairing cameras destroyed by vigilantes, according to L'Union.

Vigilantes in Saudi Arabia videotaped their attack a mobile speed camera van that took just 7 seconds. While one man drove up to the camera, a second hopped out of the vehicle and sprayed the back of the photo radar van window with silver paint, blocking the camera lens. The car then sped away. Watch the video on YouTube:

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