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Belgium, Canada, France, Saudi Arabia, UK Speed Cameras Attacked
Speed cameras come under fire this week in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

French camera felled
Vigilantes succeeded in destroying the most profitable speed camera in France on Monday. The device located on the A31 in Lorraine near Thionville had issued 89,351 citations, an average of about 245 per day. Ticketing ended after an angle grinder cut the device at its base, leaving a twisted wreck in the median of the highway, according to Le Parisien. In Arras, a brand new red light camera located at the intersection of Boulevard de Strasbourg and Rue Chanzy had its lens painted over, La Voix du Nord reported.

In Hasselt, Belgium vigilantes set fire to a speed camera on the E313 toward Liege on Monday at 1:15am. According to Limburg police, they returned to set fire to it again at Tuesday just after midnight to ensure the job was done right. Last year, officials spent 260,000 euros (US $356,000) to repair speed cameras. So far, about 230 of the devices have been attacked.

In Lethbridge, Canada, a portable speed camera box was shot several times at around 6:30pm on Monday, the Calgary Sun reported. Police have no suspects.

In Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia, a group of young men hurled rocks at a speed camera van on Monday, smashing its windows and damaging the ticketing equipment, according to the Saudi Gazette. A similar attack took place Thursday in Riyadh on Khadija Bint Khuwailid Road. Police claim they have identified two suspects in the latest incident.

In Lincolnshire, England on Tuesday vigilantes set fire to a speed camera at around 11pm. The device was located on the A16 bypass at Louth, BBC News reported. A speed camera in the Scottish Borders was set on fire around 3am on the same day, according to the BBC.

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