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Speed Cameras Attacked in France, Germany, Italy, UK
Speed cameras knocked over, smashed, burned throughout Europe last week.

Broken lens
At around 2:55am yesterday, vigilantes destroyed a speed camera in Truttemer-le-Petit, France. Ouest France reported that a pair of tires at the base of the camera located on route 524 were set on fire.

Vigilantes in Oxfordshire, England knocked over a speed camera last week, the Henley Standard reported. The automated ticketing machine on the A4074 at Cane End had been set up at a location where the speed limit was recently cut from 50 MPH to 40 MPH to generate additional tickets. The automated ticketing machine was left, face down in the grass on the side of the road.

In Tonisvorst, Germany vigilantes smashed the lens of a traffic camera at the intersection of Dusseldorfer and Vorster streets on January 30, according to Viersen Police (see photo). The device was unable to issue citations.

In Northern Lazio, Italy vigilantes grabbed a speed camera that was installed on the Via Salaria near the Montenero intersection. The device had been sawed off its pole and the connecting cables were severed. The only clue left at the scene was an empty Gatorade bottle, Il Tempo reported. Police have no suspects.

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