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France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Attacked
Blowtorches, rocks and paint used to disable speed cameras in France, Germany, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

French camera painted
Vigilantes in four countries used basic tools to disable automated ticketing machines in four countries. On Thursday, activists spraypainted eight of the speed camera warning signs in Pomezia, Italy. The expletive scrawled across the sign did not serve as the notice required under Italian law, invalidating tickets issued in the area, Corriere Della Sera reported.

In Montpellier, France, a speed camera on Liberty Avenue was thoroughly spraypainted last week. The same automated ticketing machine was attacked several times throughout 2010, Midi Libre reported.

In Stuttgart, Germany on Saturday an 18-year-old used a blow torch to attack a speed camera on the B10, Swabisches Tagblatt reported. The police arrived before the youth could get away.

Vigilantes in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last week smashed and painted the lenses of four speed cameras, known as Saher, reported. Police have no idea who might be responsible.

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