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Arizona, Florida, Malta, UAE: Traffic Cameras Fail
Speed cameras and red light cameras in Arizona, Florida, Abu Dhabi and Malta fail to operate as advertised.

Abu Dhabi crash
The city of Tucson, Arizona has been caught ticketing motorists at an intersection running a yellow light. KGUN-TV measured at least .13 seconds of overlap between the lights at Speedway and Kolb, meaning the red light and yellow light were lit simultaneously. The vast majority of through violation tickets issued by any red light camera is for split-second violations when the light has been red for .10 seconds. After being caught, officials replaced the yellow light at the intersection.

A red light camera in Florida accused a dead man buried in Baton Rouge, Louisiana of running a red light, WAFB-TV reported. Charlie Banks had been dead for over four years when a ticket dated September 26 arrived in the mail.

Drivers on the Mediterranean island of Malta will be mailed a refund because speed camera tickets charged them double the amount allowed. When a camera accuses a vehicle of traveling just a few km/h over the limit, the fine is 34.94 euros (US $47.82) but the system charged drivers 69.88 euros (US $95.64). The Times of Malta reported that 34.94 euro refund checks will be mailed to 1300 drivers.

A speed camera in the United Arab Emirates failed to prevent a crash on Monday. A young driver and his passenger were killed after the pole from the automated ticketing machine on Khaleej al Arabi Street in Abu Dhabi inflicted fatal wounds, the National reported.

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